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Access to HUJI databases


  • You need to register for a HUJI connection account. If you haven't done so yet,
    connect to our registration site - http://rap.huji.ac.il.

  • CS users don't need to register, but need to use their OTP password.

VPN services enable users to access HUJI's academic resources - e-journals and databases etc., even if they are not connected directly to HUJI's network. This includes users connected to other ISP's, users from abroad, or users connecting via HUJI's wireless.

Tango VPN is an new improved VPN service, that will be made available to all students and staff of the Hebrew University, and will not require an OTP card for authentication.

Service levels:

  • Basic service: Browsing (includes access to academic journals and databases), e-mail services and SSH v2 - OTP is NOT required.
  • Extended service: Full network access, such as remote access to your office PC, "telnet" etc, will still require an OTP card (See more info regarding OTP).

Service availability depends on operating system and browser compatibility:

  • Windows: 2000/XP/2003 (64bit system versions are not supported)
  • Mac Os X: 10.3.9, 10.4.x with Safari/Firefox (A bug in 10.3.9 causes the network to hang after disconnecting. You should restart your computer after disconnecting). 10.5.x is currently unsupported
  • Linux - only Redhat and SuSe ate supported (Except 64bit system versions)
  • All broswers (except Internet Explorer) require Java Runtime (more details in the guides)

Unsupported systems (such as Windows 98) may use VPN Client service.

Connecting to Tango:

Connecting to the service requires only a browser. Just go to http://tango.huji.ac.il and connect.

Below are connection guides for Internet Explorer and its family of browsers (i.e, Avant), and Firefox including the Mozilla family of browsers:

Internet Explorer
Firefox Safari Troubleshooting Uninstall

E-mail support: tango@cc.huji.ac.il

If you need further help you may contact our support centers: 02-6585555, 02-5883450.

Last modified: 27/07/2011