Savion - Setting Up POP
Mail X
(Mac OS 10.3)

Step 1

If it's the first time you use Mail X go to step 4

  • Click Mail

  • Click Preferences...


Step 2


  • Click the + sign at the bottom of the window

  • Choose POP as Account Type

  • Description: Type Savion

  • Email Address: Type your full email address in the format:

  • Full Name: Type your name

  • Incoming mail server: Type

  • User Name: Type your username in Savion

  • Password:
    Type your password

  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
    Click on the list box and choose Add Server...

Step 3


  • Outgoing Mail Server:

  • Click OK

Step 4


  • Click on the tab: Advanced

  • Mark the option: Use SSL

  • Close the wondow and save changes

Step 5


  • When checking mail, you will get the following warning. Click Continue


Last updated: 13/03/2013