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Troubleshooting - Savion

Web Interface



Change Interface Language  

  • Click the Options button
  • Select Regional Settings from the menu

  • Choose the desired lenguage

  • Click the Save button
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Names Search


  • Create a new message
  • Click To...

  • Insert the desired name and press enter (return)
  • To select a person from the search results dubleclick on his name

  • More recipients can be added using another search

  • When done click OK
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Problem Opening Attachments (IE7)


  • This error appears while trying to open attached files in Internet Explorer 7

  • There are two possible options to resolve this problem:

  • Right click the file using the right mouse botton

  • Select Open in new tab or Open in new window

This option will reset the browser settings, current settings will be lost

  • Select the Tools menu and choose Internet Options
  • Click the Advanced tab

  • Click Reset
  • Click Reset

  • Return to the account and open the file
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Limited Web Interface

Access to Savion using a web browser can be made in two types of interface:

  • Full interface - allows access to all of Savion web features

  • Light interface -this interface includes fewer features. In some cases this interface may be faster

Note: users using a browser other then Internet Explorer can only access the light web interface

  • To change the interface mark or unmark Use Outlook Web Access Light during login

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Browser compatibility problem

In Internet Explorer 2011:

there is a compatibility problem while accessing mail.
Use the light version of Outlook Web App is marked and unremoveable.

To fix it, it is necessary to enter the domain huji.ac.il to Compatibility list.

  • Click on the Settings icon in the top-right corner of IE11
  • Select the Compatibility View Settings
    item in the drop-down menu.
    This opens the compatibility mode dialog.
  • In Add this website enter the domain huji.ac.il
  • Click Add
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Last updated: 06/10/2014