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General info

Webmail enables you to reach your E-mail through a browser from any computer/network. Using Webmail requires no re-configuration of email software, so it's preferable as a short time solution. You can, for example, access your mail from any Internet Cafe. Webmail supports secure access (HTTPS) which denies unwanted eyes access to your password and messages. It supports attachments to the size of 4 Mb.

List of servers included in webmail: CC, VMS, MD, POB, PLUTO, AGRI, AGRI3, MAIL.LS, CHEM, FH, MATH, RACAH, PRISM.


Access and login

Load a browser and connect to http://webmail.huji.ac.il

  1. Server: Choose your mail server from the list
  2. Username: Type your username.
  3. Password: Type your password
  4. Click Log-in


How do I clean up Inbox and Local storage?

  1. Connect to Webmail
  2. Choose the directory you wish clean up (INBOX for Inbox , and sent-mail for Local storage):
    • If you can't see sent-mail in the list of directories, click on the Open Folder icon.
    • Mark the messages you would like to delete and click Delete (marked in red in the image below). You can only delete messages per page.
    • Click Purge Deleted (marked in yellow in the image below).


Viewing Hebrew

Please follow the instructions if you can't view Hebrew properly, as shown in the example below:


Viewing a message in Hebrew:

Go to the View menu --> Encoding and Choose Hebrew (Windows)

Replying/Forwarding a Hebrew message:

When replying or forwarding a message, the view menu does not appear. In order to get to the encoding option, make sure the mouse points to the window's header and only then right click with the mouse.

Compatibility issues with old browsers

PC - IE4

If you get an error message that says "Page not found" when you try to access WEBmail using Internet Explorer, then the problem might be a bug in IE. There are a couple of ways to overcome this:

  1. Upgrade to IE version 5.1 or higher with 128 bits support.
  2. Select Tools->Internet Options->advanced, and unmark SSL3 support (toward the end of the list).
    If that didn't help then click "Restore defaults" at the bottom, and then unmark again SSL3 support.


MACINTOSH -Netscape4

For better performance please follow the instructions:

  1. Load Netscape
  2. Click on the Lock icon on the bottom left corner of the window. A Security Info window will appear.
  3. Click the Navigator option on your left.
  4. Uncheck the Enable SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) v2 option. Click the OK button.


Last updated: 27/07/2011