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Activating a new card
What is the activation process? What is the  Activation site and who can use it?

How to use the card
Basic usage, the barcode, the password, battery problems, cancelling the card

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Activating a new card

What is the card activation process?
The activation process links between the card's ID (Bar code) and the user's ID.  Only when ownership of the card  is registered in our system, the card becomes usable. Therefore you will need to connect to a web computerized system for self activation process.

Who will not be able to use the Activation site?
Official visiting lecturers/scientists, authorized external parties, and new staff who don't appear yet in HUJI's database will not be able to use the site:

  • Read carefully the following document to find out the exact procedure that describes your status: http://ca.huji.ac.il/otp/rights.pdf
  • An OTP card should be purchased at the Academon.
  • contact one of our branches: Edmond J. Safra Campus: 02-6584475, Ein-Karem: 02-6757044, Mt. Scopus:02- 5883072, Rehovot: 08-9489283, for card activation.
  • For the activation process in our branches you will need to present the proper authorizations and an ID / Passport card.

Requirements for entering the self activation system:

  • Only staff and registered students of HUJI can use the card's activation system. 
  • The site can be accessed only from HUJI's network.
  • Make your student's payment book or your pay slip available, so you can login properly to our system.
  • You will need a valid active  E-Mail address.

The activation site

The self activation process involves the following steps:
Logging in to the system: You will need to authenticate with your ID (8 digits) and 5-digit personal code. The ID number and Personal Code should match those that appear on your student's payment book or in the pay slip.
Activation code: During the process you will receive a personal Activation code, which will become a part of your OTP password. The Activation code can be changed at the same site.
Confirmation message: At the end of the process an e-mail message will be sent to you,including  your Activation code. Don't forget to write down (and memorize) your Activation code - you will not be able to use the card without it!

Address of the Activation site
Connect to the site https://otp.huji.ac.il/user for activating a new card / changing your Activation code.

How to use the card

1. Basic usage
You will use only 2 keys: ON/OFF and CODE:
  • ON/OFF - Press to turn on the card. The hand icon will appear on the card's display.
  • CODE - Press to generate a password. The password will appear on the card's display.

If you press accidentally on other keys and can't generate a password, turn the card off and on again.

2. The Password

The generated password is only a part of the OTP password. When asked to provide a password - type first the Activation code obtained during the card activation, and then (no spaces) the generated password that appears on the card's display. The generated password's range of letters and numbers is 0-9 and a-f. Always type the password in lower case (even if a letter in the cardís display appears in caps). Use the following examples to avoid possible confusions:

= zero = 1
= b = 6

3. The Bar code
The Bar code is the card's ID. It appears on the rear of the card. You will need it during the activation process, card cancellation and for other support issues. In the example below the barcode is: 20047269 (no spaces).

4. Battery problems
When a battery icon appears on your card's display you should immediately turn off the card. Do not use the card until the battery is replaced! If you continue using the card, the damage will be irreversible and you will need to purchase a new card.
Replacing the battery - To replace a battery remove the screw from the rear of the card, slide the battery drawer out and install the new battery (see the above image). A new battery can be obtained within a 1-year warranty at the Academon (model: CR2025)

NOTE: If the card can't be turned off, bring the card to Academon (or to the person you've received your card from).

5. Canceling/Deactivating your card

Your card should be cancelled under the following circumstances:

  • If you wish to hand it over permanently to the possession of someone else
  • If the card should be replaced due to hardware problems (In such case - write down the Bar code before replacing)
  • If you leave the university
  • If your card got lost or stolen
  • If you've forgot your Activation code

Only representatives of the Authority for Computation can cancel a card. In such a case you should attends personally with an Identification card. Users who received their OTP cards from a Computation Authority branch/ departmental coordinators, should refer only to them for card Canceling (see support contacts below).


Hardware problems:
Academon stores /  the person you've received your card from.

Other problems:
  • Support centers: 02-6585555, 02-5880111;
  • Computation Authority branches:
    • Edmond J. Safra Campus : Students - Ginges Computer centers. Staff: 02-6584888;
    • Ein-Karem: Students - Ginges Computer centers. Staff: 02-6757044, 02-6757666;
    • Mt. Scopus: 02-5880111;
    • Rehovot: Students - Ginges Computer centers. Staff:08-9489283, 08-9489000.
  • NOTE: Users who received their OTP cards from the Computation Authority/departmental coordinators, should refer to them for support.

      Last updated, February, 2004