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SFTP - Windows


[Version 2_2_1]


  1. Download FileZilla. You can either download it from our site, or check for updates in the company's site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla.
  2. Double click the FileZilla_2_2_1_setup.exe installer and follow installation's instructions. At the end of installation, click the close button.


  1. Double click the application FileZilla
  2. Go to File-->Site Manager
  3. Click the New site button on the lower left corner
  4. Type your host name under Host:
  5. Choose SFTP using SSH2 from the Servertype: list
  6. Choose the Normal option under Logontype
  7. Type your username under User:
  8. Click the Connect button

  9. Enter your password when prompted
  10. If connection was successful, the remote site's files will appear on the right side of the window


Last updated, 19.11.03