Configuring the built-in firewall - Win XP SP2/SP3

[Note for Ein-Kerem campus users: Those who have joined the new (EKTNG) system should not do anything - the process has been completely automated].

Firewall Control Panel


  • Go to Start-(Settings) Control Panel
  • Double click Windows Firewall.

Firewall Windows Vista


  • Click on Change settings

Turning On the Firewall


  • Mark the On option.

Opening Services & Applications


  • Click the tab: Exceptions.

  • Mark the services you need to be open.
    [for example: the service dpmw32 - a Novell service - is open now]

  • Click the buttons Add Programs... or Add Ports... to enable other applications or ports that should be open.

  • Click OK.


Last updated: 27/07/2011