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Service Pack 3 for Windows XP

[Note for Ein-Kerem campus users: Those who have joined the new (EKTNG) system should not do anything - the process has been completely automated].

Service Pack 3(SP3) is a collection of patches and fixes for Windows XP. The collection contains all patches released for Windows XP, up to April 2008. It also includes selected releases and enhancements that do not significantly change the users' experience with the operating system.






Installation Requirements

  1. Windows XP English/Hebrew Enabled (English interface) and for Windows XP Hebrew edition (Hebrew interface).
  2. Hard disk space - 1.5 GB free space.
  3. Connection - The size of the update is about 320 MB. If you have a slow connection from home (modem), and can't download big files, you can bring a blank CD and burn SP3 in one of the Ginges computer centers, or from your campus computer.



Pre-installation recommendations

  1. Don't install SP3 if you already have problems with Windows, Internet Explorer, or any other application. Deal with the problems prior to installation.
  2. Clean your computer from Spyware - Installed Spyware can lead to computer freezes. Follow our Instructions: Installing and running Spybot.
  3. Run a full scan with an updated antivirus.
  4. Recovery preparations - you should take the following steps:
  5. Run disk check on your disks. Do not attempt to install if you find any disk errors.
  6. If you have old peripherals that are connected to your computer (especially with USB) - check their compatibility with SP3 at the vendor's site.
  7. If you are using Norton product please read:
  8. In case you wish to install SP3 on a laptop -
    • Check compatibility with SP3 on the vendor's site (i.e. IBM, Dell, HP/COMPAQ with AMD processors).
    • Make sure the laptop is connected to a power supply during the whole installation process.



Installing SP3

  1. We recommend downloading the full SP3 installer, rather than using Windows Update that is more problematic.
  2. Download and save the correct SP3 version according to the appearance of the Start button in your computer:
    SP3 for English and Hebrew enabled Windows XP [316MB]:
    SP3 for Hebrew Windows XP [302MB]:
  3. Restart your computer after a successful download.
  4. Close all open applications.
  5. Make sure you are logged-on as a user with administrator rights, and that no other users are logged on during installation.
  6. Install SP3.




Uninstalling SP3

  • If your Windows starts-up after installation, but you encounter problems (such as lack of Network/Internet connection), you can remove SP3. For instructions see: Removing SP3.

Incompatibility of drivers
You might encounter problems with old drivers of devices (especially USB devices). Symptoms: Windows freeze, or devices (for example scanners) don't function properly. In such cases, disconnect the device and search for an updated driver.

Incompatibility of Applications
Some applications could not work properly with SP3. For programs with known problems see:

Incompatibility of personal firewall
If a personal firewall was installed in your computer prior to SP3 installation, you might encounter problems with the personal firewall or with SP3's security center. Check compatibility of your personal firewall at the vendor's site.

More issues






Last updated: July 27 2011