SPSS 15 for Windows


  • If you have a previous version of SPSS, uninstall it before installing SPSS 15.
    Before you uninstall the old version, move any files you wish to keep from the SPSS directory into another directory. This recommendation is intended for data, syntax, output, scripting files, chart templates, etc and not to SPSS system files.
  • Make sure your computer is connected to the internet during the installation.
  • This version is Vista compatible.

  • Instructions for License renewal

Step 1


  • Insert the installation CD
  • Click Install SPSS

    Note: If the window (on the right) does not pop up - double click Setup.EXE manually from the CD drive)

Step 2

  • Choose: Single user license
  • Click Next


Step 3


  • Mark I accept the terms in the license agreement
  • Click Next


Step 4


  • Click Next


Step 5


  • Type your name in the user name field
  • Type: huji in the Organization field
  • Type the serial 9900424 at the Serial Number field.
  • Click Next.


Step 6

  • Click Next


Step 7


  • Click Install

Step 8


  • Choose Get a license now
  • Click OK

Step 9

  • Click the Start button

Step 10

  • Mark Use Authorization via internet to get a License
  • Click Next

Step 11


  • Type the authorization code you've received from the Microshop in the Authorization Code field
  • Click Next

Step 12


  • Click Finish

Step 13


  • Go to http://www.spss.com/il/tech.htm
  • download the Hebrew patch
    (uictris.dll) and save it into the SPSS folder

  • License Renewal : The authorization code is valid till November. License holders can receive a new code from the Microshop.
  • In order to renew the license, run Start -> Programs -> SPSS for Windows -> License Authorization Wizard and repeat steps 9 - 12.

If you encounter any problems please contact naamak@savion.huji.ac.il

Last updated: 27/07/2011