Uninstalling McAfee Agent and VirusScan (Windows Vista/7)

Uninstalling McAfee requires first uninstalling the VirusScan and then the Agent:

Uninstalling VirusScan


  • Click Start

  • Click Settings -> Control Panel (if you don't have Settings click Control Panel)


  • Click on Uninstall a program


  • Right click on McAfee VirusScan Enterprise

  • Click on Uninstall


  • Click yes.

Uninstalling the McAfee Agent

Step 1

  • Double click: My Computer --> c drive icon --> huca --> tools

  • Double click on unagent

    Note: My computer can be found either on your Desktop or by going to Start --> My computer

    Note: unagent can also be downloaded from our site.

Step 2

  • Click on Yes.

Step 3

  • Click on OK.
  • Restart your computer


For further assistance, contact our support centers: 02-6585555, 02-5883450

Last updated: 27/10/2011